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Tentmaker Systems Consulting Group

Company Profile

Tentmaker Systems is 30+ year San Jose/Silicon Valley based consulting/contract group focused on fast turn around of:

  •  Architecture

  •  Board design, layout, fab and assembly

  •  System Specification, Architecture and Design

  •  FPGA & ASIC Architecture and Design

  •  ASIC Verification in FPGAs (includes board level architecture, design and debug)

  •  On site ASIC Verification Engineer placement

  •  ASIC & FPGA Simulation

  •  Software Applications

  •  OS Porting from platform to platform

  •  Driver Coding

  •  Network Management Software

  •  Complete embedded "CPU on board" design and OS Port and bringup.

  •  Embedded Systems and Firmware Design, BSPs packages

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Tentmaker Systems also provides design Verification and Prototyping Products.

Tentmaker Systems is familiar with all aspects of system design and can take a design from concept to architecture to design to schematic entry to board layout to fabrication to assembly. (We are also willing to do single FPGA designs of course). In addition many Tentmaker engineers have extensive experience in founding companies, raising venture capital, marketing concepts, architecting products and getting them to work.

Tentmaker Systems usually charges hourly rates but can quote fixed prices for design tasks.

Our expertise includes the following areas:

Architecture and design of entire systems

Architecture and design and management of the entire board level procedure; from design to documentation to schematic entry to layout to fab to assembly to debug and to assistance with software integration. 

Architecture and design of large FPGAs (e.g. Xilinx XC2VP70 with 20 active 2.5Gb/s Serdes) 

High density complex FPGA design (Xilinx or Altera)

Video and Audio Transport Streams/DVB

PCI Express implementations

HDMI/Display Port

SDI HD framing and logic

As well as extensive familiarity with various tools:






    Xilinx Vivado and FPGA Editor

    Altera Tools/Quartus

    Other FPGA tools like Amplify, Certify

    We can provide onsite or offsite consultants/contractors.

Please refer to our various résumé's for more details.



Contact Information

For information please contact Neil Mammen at:




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